Male Red-winged Blackbird Taking Flight - Image 689944 (© Kip Ladage)

Kip’s Comments 5-5-21

  For That Guy Yesterday I shared thoughts about a friend who gives me a hard time as I chase wildlife with my camera. (His comments are in good spirit.) Perhaps one of his favorite species to joke about is the red-winged blackbird. Due to limited photography options today, I pursued the red-winged blackbirds just …

Yellow-rumped Warbler - Image 689911 (© Kip Ladage)

Kip’s Comments 5-4-21

  Secretly Wishing? For the first time in more than a year I am attending in-person training with counterparts from across the state. One of my cohorts gives me an incredible amount of grief (in good spirits) about my passion for nature photography. One breath he will be asking if I photographed a snail migration …

Yellow Warbler - Image 689506 (© Kip Ladage)

Kip’s Comments 5-3-21

  Moisture Enhanced Colors During my time outdoors today I was fortunate to look for birds as it was raining lightly. While the moisture posed issues for my equipment, it also enhanced the colors I was looking for. Drab colors had more of a glow and normally bright colors really looked nice. When this yellow …

Bald Eagle with Squirrel On Cedar River - Image 688862 (© Kip Ladage)

Kip’s Comments 5-2-21

  Right Place, Right Time, Unless You were the Squirrel This morning my nephew and I were driving across the Cedar River when I spotted an adult bald eagle standing in the water. Based on past experiences, I feared the eagle was in trouble and I would be spending the afternoon rescuing the bird, ill …

June Bug Larvae - Image 688748 (© Kip Ladage)

Kip’s Comments 5-1-21

  Soft and Squishy Wild Critter While doing traditional spring tasks of planting and watering vegetation today, I came across a future June bug. My little friend was very much alive and not sure about being exposed. It is at this stage in the life of a June bug (beetle) that they can do considerable …

Green Heron in Tree - Image 668384 (© Kip Ladage)

Kip’s Comments 4-30-21

  At Least One is Here, There are Probably More A friend called today to tell me a green heron had arrived in our area. One green heron having arrived back after the spring migration is a good thing and expected. Are there more in the area…probably. It will just be a stroke of luck …

Photographing Great Egrets - Image 688244 (© Kip Ladage)

Kip’s Comments 4-29-21

  When There is Wildlife When there is wildlife to be observed and photographed, there tend to be photographers there to get the job done. Sixteen great egrets were congregated in one area this morning. My buddy was trying to document them. Hopefully he left with nice images.  

Trumpeter Swan at Sunrise - Image 688158 (© Kip Ladage)

Kip’s Comments 4-28-21

  As The Sun Rises My plans for early this morning were to paddle at sunrise before I had to dedicate much of the rest of the day for a many-hours long webinar. I will be honest, webinars work for me. Long webinars are a challenge to get excited about. However, what I like didn’t …

Palm Warbler - Image 677104 (© Kip Ladage)

Kip’s Comments 4-27-21

  Recent Arrivals Our strong winds from the south have brought in more than very warm temperatures. It seems as though overnight we experienced an influx of warblers, sparrow species, and shorebirds. During a brief amount of time at Sweet Marsh this morning I saw and/or photographed a lesser yellowlegs, pectoral sandpiper, spotted sandpiper, killdeer, …

Common Green Darner Dragonflies - Image 687714 (© Kip Ladage)

Kip’s Comments 4-26-21

  Mutual Cooperation Have you ever sat quietly and watched as mating dragonflies buzz around in perfect form over a shallow pond? Somehow the two navigate in, around, and over obstacles and threats. They make the process appear so easy.      As I watched many pairs of mating dragonflies today, a few questions popped …