Kip’s Comments 7-1-22

Butterfly Weed - Image 755594 (© Kip Ladage)


One Color Missing

Early this morning, while some dew drops were still on the prairie wildflower blossoms, I was out exploring with my Nikon and macro equipment. My personal protective equipment (PPE) for the outing was a pair of old chest waders. The intent was for the waders to prevent any exposure to plants that burn or irritate skin (wild parsnip or poison ivy) with a secondary goal of preventing the jumping on of ticks. From what I can tell, the waders did what I wanted them to do in addition to keeping me dry   

Once in the prairie I was able to enjoy most of the colors of the palette. From hues of blue (spiderwort) to shades of pink (common milkweed) to impressive yellows (bird’s foot trefoil), nearly all colors were present. For the color orange I concentrated my efforts on a close-up of butterfly weed with a single dew drop still visible.     

Butterfly Weed - Image 755594 (© Kip Ladage)

Butterfly Weed – Image 755594 (© Kip Ladage)


One color that was absent this morning was the color black. The reason for that was the only black things (flora or fauna) present were the countless gnats surrounding me. Photographing live gnats is nearly impossible. My only option to include black (gnats) would have been to document dead gnats. Had I wanted, it would have been easy for those photos. I could have simply taken pictures of the several gnats that embedded themselves in my eyes. You know the feeling – the stinging and burning when you know a bug is in your eye and you just cannot get it out. That was what it was like multiple times! Other than the gnats, the prairie was very pretty this morning.

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