Kip’s Comments 7-22-21

Whitetail Deer in Fog - Image 700782 (© Kip Ladage)


Wise Up or Else

Early this morning, before the “dog days of summer” sun rose too high, I conducted a quick assessment of the status of the Wapsipinicon River and Sweet Marsh. Fog hung heavy in the air with a smell of corn and a stagnant aroma. Combined with the haze from wildfires thousands of miles away, the overall condition of our outdoors was less than refreshing.     

Still, wildflowers caught my attention – bright purple coneflowers and yellow prairie coneflowers bid a colorful “hello” to those passing by. As I turned my vehicle around, presumably young whitetail deer – a buck and a doe – caught my attention about the same time they noticed me. I expected them to run for the hills, but they did not. Instead they approached my vehicle, decreasing the distance between us by ten to twenty yards. Both were close enough that had I wanted to, I could have easily rendered them into venison steaks. Instead I took their picture thinking how they need to wise up in the next couple of months. Soon both will become easy targets if they do not become more wary. Time is on their side…deer hunting season is still weeks away.

Whitetail Deer in Fog - Image 700782 (© Kip Ladage)

Whitetail Deer in Fog – Image 700782 (© Kip Ladage)


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