Kip’s Comments 8-28-17

GoPro Timelapse Snapshot



Today’s post is one that many, if not most, will wish they had glanced over and then moved on to a different page on the Internet. This post is going to explain the technical information I have realized when attempting to learn time-lapse photography with a GoPro camera. Following are the basics of today’s effort:

  • Total Ride Time: 30-45 Minutes,
  • Frame Grab Rate: One frame every 10-seconds,
  • Shooting Parameters: 1080P/30/Wide

After recording the video frames I then put together a “movie” at a rate of one frame every .15-seconds. When I played the movie back, it seemed as if the video was shoot at low quality – without much detail or sharpness on anything other than my bicycle handlebars.

I then adjusted the duration from .15 to .35 for each frame. I thought the slightly more than doubling of duration may have allowed the video to appear sharper. However, I can’t really tell much difference. 

When I test again I will record a frame every 5-seconds to see if that creates a smoother, sharper video.    

View the comparison videos here:  

Tripoli to Sweet Marsh and Back in 18-seconds (.15 duration of each frame)                  

Tripoli to Sweet Marsh and Back in 53-seconds (.35 duration each frame)

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