Kip’s Comments 2-4-15

Bald Eagle - Image 297345


Smell My Pit

Anybody who is a regular reader of my web pages knows that I have a fascination with bald eagles. When I see a bald eagle, I stop if I can to watch it. Shooting photos of eagles is a bonus reward for me, but I will watch the big birds even if I am not able to photograph them. Now that we see bald eagles almost daily, often in multiple numbers, I’ve amassed a sizable collection of bald eagle images. It’s not often I see eagles doing something unusual. Today was one of those rare days when an eagle nearly stopped me in my tracks.

I was near the Cedar River in Waverly and noticed this bald eagle with its head in its arm pit. This wasn’t a fleeting action. No, the bird had its head buried in its pit. I wish I could explain why, but I can’t. I shot a few photos of the interesting moment before moving on. 

Bald Eagle - Image 297345

Bald Eagle – Image 297345


A short time later I noticed the same bald eagle had extricated its head from its armpit and was once again perched majestically on a branch overlooking the river. I thought that pose deserved a photo too.   

Bald Eagle - Image 297352

Bald Eagle – Image 297352


Tonight I photographed the “Owl Moon.” According to the Iowa DNR, this moon earned its name as the winter nights are “filled with the calls and hoots of mating owls.” I heard no owls from my shooting location in town.

Owl Moon - Image 297355

Owl Moon – Image 297355


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