Kip’s Comments 9-9-14

Hibiscus - Image 280350


Pushing the Envelope of Wild

Try as I might, there are just some days when it is not possible to record an image of a truly wild species – flora or fauna. Such was the case today. Rain, dark clouds, and the need to drive to the south-central part of the state meant my time with a camera was minimal. I certainly did not have an opportunity to chase anything wild. Knowing how the day was likely to go, I could have been discouraged. Instead, I enjoyed the little moments of semi-wild beauty in the form of Wayne’s hibiscus. It now has multiple blooms that provide fleeting glimpses of something pretty when I walk past. I may not have time to study the blossoms, but I do appreciate the pretty touch they add to the law center lobby.  Thanks for nurturing the plant Wayne!

Hibiscus - Image 280350

Hibiscus – Image 280350


Hibiscus - Image 280347

Hibiscus – Image 280347


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