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A note to Publication Editors - As the following list indicates, Kip Ladage's work has been published frequently and by a variety of outlets - from local newspapers to national magazines.  In addition to freelance work, Kip Ladage has also worked as a contract writer, contributing editor, outdoor columnist, and "Kid's Nature Project" writer.  He is available for contract work with your publication - photos, text, or photo text packages.  

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Following is a partial list of our published work.


Backbone State Park - Delaware County, Iowa

Brush Creek Canyon State Preserve - Fayette County

Hiking Ledges State Park - Boone County , Iowa

Riding the Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad - Boone County, Iowa

Other Boone County Attractions - Boone County, Iowa

Cycling the Heritage Trail - Dubuque County, Iowa

Other Dubuque County Attractions - Iowa

Dubuque County History - Iowa

Canoeing the Yellow River - Allamakee County, Iowa

Yellow River State Forest Information - Allamakee County, Iowa

Other Allamakee County Attractions - Iowa

Exploring Maquoketa Caves State Park - Maquoketa County, Iowa

Other Iowa Caves

Caving Definitions

Cycling the Cedar Valley Trail Network - Black Hawk County, Iowa

Exploring Sweet Marsh - Bremer County, Iowa

Rockford Fossil and Prairie Park - Floyd County, Iowa

Volga River Recreation Area - Fayette County, Iowa

Viewing Snow Geese at DeSoto Bend National Wildlife Refuge - Iowa

Snow Goose Impacting Nesting Area

Steamboat Bertrand Collection at DeSoto Bend National Wildlife Refuge

Outdoor Activities Abound in Decorah Area - Iowa

Osborne Nature Center - Clayton County, Iowa

Canoeing the Upper Iowa River - Winneshiek County, Iowa

Cycling the Lower Cannon River Valley - Minnesota

Other Lower Cannon River Valley Attractions - Minnesota

Lower Cannon River Valley Trivia - Minnesota

Illinois State Park Threesome: Starved Rock State Park, Buffalo Rock State Park, Matthiessen State Park

Other Illinois Attractions (Near Utica, Illinois)

Backpacking the Great Smoky Mountains (Tennessee/North Carolina)

Backpacking the Porcupine Mountains State Park - Two Points of View - Upper Pennisula of Michigan

Cycling the Root River Trail and the Lanesboro Area - Minnesota

Rope Course, Environmental Education...Eagle Bluff Learning Center - Minnesota

International Crane Foundation - Wisconsin




Springtime Frogs and Toads

Seed Dispersal

Wildlife Observation Database

Insects' Winter Homes

Autumn Leaves

Wildlife Hide-and-Seek

Sharing Your Christmas Tree

The Night Sky

Butterfly Observation Cage

Owl Pellets



Other Publication/Photo Use Credits

Ducks Unlimited Website

Photo used in the book "When Raccoons Fall Through Your Roof"

Pelican Migration Article - UK - Geo:Connexions




Cover Photo - Recreation Trail Study

Breeding Bird Atlas

Interactive Environmental Education Website - OHFA

Single Species Management

The Last Mile

Midwest Streams and Trails - Full page/Inside Front Cover


Local consultant for wildlife/blind location for BBC/Discovery Channel "Mammals of the Upper Mississippi River Watershed" project.


Presenter of numerous nature and outdoor recreation presentations to audiences of all ages - from Kindergarten students to nursing home residents, including statewide conferences.


Geocaching - A Primer

Naturally Speaking - Timber Rattlesnakes

Are We Loving or Abusing Our Parks To Death?

Naturally Speaking - Enjoying Spring Wildflowers

Legislative Update - Teaming With Wildlife

Protecting an Iowa Trout Stream

Rattlesnake Photography - "How To"

Backpacking Isle Royale National Park

Triumph Over Tragedy - A Woodcarver's Story

Iowa's Hunter Education Program

Sweet Marsh Profile

Canoeing Safety

Flat-water Canoeing

Shell Rock Hardware/Outfitters

All County Fifth Grade Field Day

Bird Viewing Blinds

Three Rivers Pond Restoration Project

Saw-whet Owl Observation

Trumpeter Swan Restoration

Photography Spring Wildflowers

Who's Calling? - Springtime Frogs and Toads

Accessing River Level Information on Internet

Woolly Bears Explained

The Incredible Monarch

Seasonal Thoughts

Treestand Safety Reminders

Cold Weather Photography Tips

Northeast Iowa Group Hikes Across Isle Royale

Isle Royale National Park

Kayak Sales Soaring in Iowa

Personal Floatation Device Reminders

Photographing Fireworks Displays

REAP Needs Your Help

Iowa Earth Year 2000

Bicycle Helmets Minimizing Head Injuries

Iowa Canoe Guide

What is Your Real Age?

Dress in Layers for Warmth

Bird Watching is Big Business

Counting Birds on the Internet

Wildlife's Winter Survival Techniques

Prepare Now for Winter Driving

TIP Hotline for Reporting Poachers

Car and Deer Collisions on Roadways

Hawk Watch Weekend is for the Birds

Sharing the Joy of Fishing

Living History Farms - Days of Yesteryear Relived

Iowa's Roadways

Zebra Mussels Impacting Iowa's Water

Earth Day Cake

Tips for Camping with Youngsters

Winter Birds

Stocking Stuffers for the Outdoor Enthusiasts

Winter Driving Advice

Iowa's Highway Snow Removal Program

Assemble a Winter Driving Kit

Non-Game Support Certificates

Don't Drink the Water!

HIP Registration Now Required

Exploding Snow Goose Population

Improving Your Photographs

The Colder the Better...The Joy of Winter Camping

Bird Feeding Basics

Ecology College

Bluebirds Back in Bremer County

County Parks and Cross-Country Skiing

Boy Scout High Adventure - Porkies


Aerial photos used to promote legislation successful in the Effigy Mounds Expansion Project

Image 15577 - Hawk Owl on Power Line (close) - Manly, Iowa

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