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Stock Images --
Ladage Photography currently offers a choice of more than 205,000 wildlife, scenic, outdoor recreation, and nature related images.  A detailed list of our stock photos is available on the "Images" link.

Format --
Our image formats are both high-resolution digital and high-resolution scans of 35mm film.  Upon request, we provide low resolution scans for initial consideration.  If your publication selects one of our images for publication, we will provide you with your choice of the original slide, a high quality dupe, or a high resolution digital file.

Prints --
High quality prints of any size can be created from our images.   We make every effort to price our prints competitively.  Currently, we offer 11" X 14" prints for $50.00. (plus tax and shipping).  Smaller prints are available at a reduced price.  Applicable taxes and shipping charges will be provided to buyers for approval before purchase is confirmed.

Rights --
Our standard photo license policy is for "One-Time Use/US Rights" only.  All other usage requests will be considered and must be negotiated prior to payment.  Unless all rights to an image are sold by Ladage Photography, we retain ownership to all images.  Images created "on assignment" will be considered owned by the contracting business or organization after payment is received by Ladage Photography.

Image 1486 - Saw-whet Owl - Hay Access - Bremer County
Text/Writing Assignments --
Ladage Photography/Kip Ladage will provide, on request, complete photo/text packages based on wildlife/outdoor recreation based themes.  Contact us for your editorial requests! 

Payment --
We accept money orders and cashier's checks, or if you prefer, Pay Pal payment.

Shipping -- 
Unless you have a shipping preference, we ship either US Postal Service, Federal Express, or UPS -- whichever service offers the most economical shipping for our customers.

Contact Us --
Our interest in nature photography requires many irregular hours of field work.   Because we are often away from the office, we prefer (for your convenience and ours) to communicate via e-mail.  You may e-mail us by clicking here


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