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Iowa Wildlife Images




Image 3351 - Cane Creek Falls, Tennessee

Image 4364 - Timber Rattlesnake - frame filling

Image 13217 - Sphinx Moth

Image 6529 - Cardinal in Pine - Male, Tripoli, Iowa

An update to this website...

Iowa Wildlife Images features a variety of images of Iowa's wildlife.  This collection of images continues to grow.  Images are divided by groups and species.  This section has been recently updated!!!

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Kip's Comments (blog) - Click here for daily (or nearly daily) photos and thoughts.  See the most recent photos and read the latest essays.

A Picture A Day - One picture from each day.

Red Fox Images from 8-weeks at Their Den (Scroll through entries)

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Pages of Interest at Ladage Photography:

Kip's Comments - Near daily wildlife images and thoughts by Kip Ladage

A Picture A Day - One image from the day's activities

Bremer County Wildlife News - Current images of Iowa Wildlife

Iowa Wildflowers - Wildflower images posted from each season by species

Iowa Wildflowers - Random images as taken throughout year

Iowa Fungi - Interesting images of interesting species

Iowa Insects - Fascinating views of the insects of Iowa.

Iowa Wildlife Images - An ever-growing collection of images of Iowa's wildlife

Click here to read "The Sandhill Cranes of Sweet Marsh."


   Books by Kip Ladage:

My latest book "101 Birds - A Birding Challenge" has been delivered from the printer!  The book features 111 photos of 101 bird species.   Use this book to identify the birds visiting your feeders or observed around the Midwest.  Each page includes space to document your observation and the location. 

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Moments With Iowa's Wildlife - Volume 5  (A Collection of Images and Essays) is available now as an Ebook.  The print version will be available soon.  Order your ebook now for only $3.99 (+ tax).

Note: After I receive notice of payment received, you will receive an email with an ebook attachment in PDF format.  The file attachment size is approximately 7MB.  Please assure your email account will accept large email file attachments.  Feel free to contact me with questions.

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Moments With Iowa's Wildlife - A Collection of Images and Essays

Moments With Iowa's Wildlife - Images of Tiny Species


Moments With Iowa's Wildlife - Images of Iowa Wildflowers


The Wild Side of Iowa - A Collection of Images and Essays


A Collection of Im...
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