Kip’s Comments 11-28-21

Red-shouldered Hawk - Image 717708 (© Kip Ladage)


Like Clockwork

Birders and non-birders might be noticing the very visible bald eagle activity in the sky and near nest trees. For weeks I have been watching nests as they are enlarged or freshened up. For the same time I have seen numerous pairs flying together and on perch together. I suppose when referenced to the calendar, the time is right for the courtship and pair-bonds to be reinforced. It is really only a matter of weeks before the nesting season will begin again.       

Likewise, other birds are exhibiting similar behavior. This afternoon, when checking the nest area of a red-shouldered hawk pair, I spotted one of the two birds. It has been several months since I last saw a red-shouldered hawk in the area of the nest, but with tree cover and my busy schedule, it is possible the hawks have been there all along and I just missed them. Or, it could be that they too are starting to stir in the reproductive ways.       

This is the red-shouldered hawk I found today. Since the couple has nested at least two years in the same area – maybe more – I am hoping their plans are to return to the same spot again in a few months. That location appears to provide all they need: cover, food, water, and ample prey species. I will keep an eye on the area and should know soon if the nest will be used again.

Red-shouldered Hawk - Image 717708 (© Kip Ladage)

Red-shouldered Hawk – Image 717708 (© Kip Ladage)


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