Kip’s Comments 4-6-21



Recognize This?

Chances are, not too many people will recognize what I am about to share with you. What is this? Scroll down for the answer.     


Catfish Skeletal Structure – Image 681421 (© Kip Ladage)










What you are viewing is a close-up image of the upper mandible of a large catfish…catfish teeth. I came upon this when a neighbor shared a picture of an adult bald eagle feeding near our dock at our cabin. The neighbor protected the remains so I could see what the eagle had been eating. My guess is that the eagle found the large catfish belly-up as a result of a winter fish kill. The eagle then carried the catfish to our cabin yard where the fish was converted to eagle energy. This is a wider view of the catfish skeletal structure looking at it from the front.

Catfish Skeletal Structure - Image 681398 (© Kip Ladage)

Catfish Skeletal Structure – Image 681398 (© Kip Ladage)


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