Kip’s Comments 11-5-19

Plowed Marriage Proposal - Image 596233 (© Kip Ladage)


Love is in the Air

This past weekend I was outside working on my mower that had a flat tire. The yard was filled with leaves that I so wanted to obliterate into a million tiny pieces and I had a flat tire. As I was working on the mower, a helicopter flew over at very low altitude. The aircraft was so low that I am pretty sure I could have hit it with a tennis ball, assuming my aim was good.   

As a person who is paid to be paranoid, those of us in this trade go through considerable training about “If you see something, say something.” We are also trained to be alert for possible ill-will toward our population.   

So imagine that I was outside, not particularly thrilled with my flat tire, and a helicopter flies over at very low altitude. Do you think I was maybe wondering “What is going on? Why is that chopper so low? Was the low altitude intentional or were there mechanical issues? Am I going to have to respond to a crash very soon?” I actually brought out my camera with a long lens to photograph the tail number if the helicopter flew over again.     

The good news is that there was no trouble – mechanical or intentional. While the flight was low, the reason is understandable, once I learned it.     

We have a young couple in the area who have been dating since high school. This weekend, Nick proposed to Keely via the marriage question plowed into a field. Together they saw his intent via the low altitude flight and she said “Yes!”     

What a creative way to pop the question! What good plowing!   

Congratulations Nick and Keely!      

Plowed Marriage Proposal - Image 596233 (© Kip Ladage)

Plowed Marriage Proposal – Image 596233 (© Kip Ladage)


I wonder how many people flying over the area wonder about this artwork. 

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