Kip’s Comments 12-7-17

Lone Oak Tree at Sunrise - Image 478869 (© Kip Ladage)


An Electronic Greeting Card to an Unsuccessful Birding Friend

Lone Oak Tree at Sunrise - Image 478869 (© Kip Ladage)

Lone Oak Tree at Sunrise – Image 478869 (© Kip Ladage)


Thinking of You…

To my buddy who so wants to see the elusive juvenile black-crowned night heron, but has had absolutely no luck…


I have seen the heron a number of times,

with hardly any trying…

You walk the dike looking high and low,

and go home without a sighting, almost crying.

I show up and the heron pops out, 

almost without a doubt.

You go out and no heron appears, 

the bird hides because of its fears. 


I head out to the bird and talk,

waiting and watching after my walk.


You go out and sing a song,

then wonder what went wrong.


I go out and what do I hear,

the sound of my Nikon clicking.


You look around and sing and see nothing,

and before you leave you start cussing.


So what is the problem you might ask,

why won’t the heron appear?

Unfortunately I have heard you sing,

your music is causing the bird to fear.


Try a different approach,

I suggest as I coach.

Don’t sing, please oh please, don’t sing:

Just walk out next time. 

casual and slow you should go.

Maybe, just maybe, into a tree the heron might climb,

and I won’t have to come up with another silly rhyme! 

Good Luck on Seeing the Heron! 


I do hope you get to see the young heron, if it is still there.   

Your lucky birding friend –

Kip (Dr. Dolittle)

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