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Yellow Rose - Image 454398 (© Kip Ladage)


Beauty – Flaws and All

Today was a day of very little photography, but the alternative activity was worth giving up photos.    

I have a close relative battling cancer. Back in January I found her near death and with a lot of help from the Good Lord and medical teams here on earth, she survived. Recently she began chemo treatments in hopes of slowing the cancer. Yesterday we were at Mayo in Rochester for a PET scan and today we heard the results. There was no cancer to be seen. None, not a warm spot on the display, no nothing, no cancer!  

After finally returning home this evening I wandered the yard a bit. Kristy’s pretty yellow rose caught my attention, but not for the blossoms. No, the rose, as pretty as it is, was covered by Japanese beetles devouring the leaves and petals of the blossoms. Nearly all of the rose has been impacted by the nasty beetles.  

Then I spotted the best of the blossoms. My camera was quickly brought to my eye as I composed and recorded images of the pretty yellow blossom. It wasn’t until I studied the photos that I noticed the flaws…the Japanese beetles had chewed holes in the prettiest of blossoms.  

Initially I considered deleting the photos and moving on, but then “deep thoughts” started flowing. Instead of ignoring the blossom and starting over, I accepted the rose blossom with its flaws. The blossom was similar to how our day had gone. The blossom had holes from the beetles, just as our day was focused on cancer and its impact on life…on our life, still the rose was pretty, as was our day when we received the great news that the cancer was losing to the chemo. Our blossom wasn’t perfect and neither was our day, but in the end the rose blossom was beautiful and our day was great, even with the baggage of Japanese beetles and cancer.      

Behind the focus of our journey – the illness in our family – we both had a moment of realization. Riding in the elevator with us was an 18-month old in a stroller with no hair and what appeared to be a shunt under his scalp. The smiling little one certainly put our situation into perspective, even as tears filled my eyes.   

Beautiful Yellow Rose – Flaws and All:

Yellow Rose - Image 454398 (© Kip Ladage)

Yellow Rose – Image 454398 (© Kip Ladage)


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